Kicking Is not  Soccer

Kicking Is not Soccer, (KINS) is a program for players U-7 through U-8. Young players’ first experience with the game of soccer is usually playing in the Sarnia FC's Development Program, which can either hook the players for life, or turn them away. Players will continue playing soccer if they are having fun and are experiencing success. Hence, the Development Program’s main philosophy is to create a fun filled, active environment, in which the players can improve and succeed.

The KINS Program’s main objective is to promote and emphasize the skill of dribbling at the U7 through U8 age groups and discourage the aimless booting of the ball that is all too prevalent at these young ages.

To many times young players are told to kick the ball as far as possible, or to shoot to score, missing out on skills would foster the love the game. A Messi or Ronaldo will tell you that dribbling is the foundation and preparation for all the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as passing, and shooting. Laying the proper dribbling foundation at the youngest years will enhance the players’ ability to improve all the soccer skills. No matter what level the players will end up playing, development, competitive or high performance, they will more fun playing the game if they can control the ball better and become more adept at manipulating it. The spectators will also enjoy the game more if they can watch players who exhibit greater skills and creativity.


  • Improves the skill and enjoyment of the players, regardless of ability level.
  • Provides a built-in, on-going coaching assistance program.
  • Easier to enlist parents to volunteer as coaches.
  • Develops a club identity and club loyalty.
  • Raises the skill level in the Development Program.
  • Raises the level of the Competitive Program


Parent’s Role


  • Parents are asked to refrain from coaching. Leave the coaching to the coach.
  • Do not tell the players to ‘kick it’ during the games or the practices.
  • Feel free to cheer and applaud. Only positive comments, please, applaud good plays by the other team.
  • Please let the referees officiate the game (They are learning too).
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship and make the other team feel welcome.






Refund Policy

Requests received before the season starts will be entitled to a complete refund, less a non-refundable administration charge of $25 ( covers registration charges by O.S.A.) and any late fee that has been incurred due to late registration. In addition, competitive surcharges/levies are non refundable. 

Requests received after the start of the Season will not be entitled to a refund. Request for refunds should be submitted as soon as possible to registration@sarniafc.ca. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/player to request a refund. The Club will not be responsible for requests that are submitted late.

All Refunds will be issued by cheque and sent in the mail.

NSF Cheque Policy

A $40 fee will apply to any N.S.F. cheques received by the club and if not paid it will affect the player's future ability to register..

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