Refund Policy

Requests received before the season starts will be entitled to a complete refund, less a non-refundable administration charge of $25 ( covers registration charges by O.S.A.) and any late fee that has been incurred due to late registration. In addition, competitive surcharges/levies are non refundable. 

Requests received after the start of the Season will not be entitled to a refund. Request for refunds should be submitted as soon as possible to registration@sarniafc.ca. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/player to request a refund. The Club will not be responsible for requests that are submitted late.

All Refunds will be issued by cheque and sent in the mail.

NSF Cheque Policy

A $40 fee will apply to any N.S.F. cheques received by the club and if not paid it will affect the player's future ability to register..

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Sarnia FC
P. O. Box 22060
Twin Lakes Postal Outlet
Sarnia, ON
N7S 6J4

Inquires: info@sarniafc.ca 

 Facebook: @SarniaFC

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