Sarnia FC provides children and adults the opportunity to develop superior life skills through team play, sportsmanship, top competition, and hard work through the game of soccer.

These Codes of Conduct are a covenant between players, parents, and coaches to abide by the rules of the game, as well as to maintain a cooperative attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. These Codes express our core values and goals. It is essential they be honored and followed. 

The Codes of Conduct can be summarized in the following three principles:

(1)  Demonstrating a positive attitude

(2)  Setting a good example

(3)  Maintaining good relationships with officials, opponents, and our own teams’ players, parents, coaches and volunteers.

Players, parents, and coaches are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude for everyone involved in the sport. Criticism and disrespect for officials, opponents, coaches or fans undermine the purpose of sport and encourage behavior contrary to the spirit of the game and Ontario Soccer values.


Each person associated with Sarnia FC is accountable for his/her own behavior at all times on or off the field of play. Parents, coaches and other adults should remember that children learn by example - it is up to the adults to set good examples. 

Sarnia FC will not tolerate conduct that is detrimental to the sport, the participants, or the community. Such conduct includes:

  • Harassment and bullying by coaches, players or parents/family members
  • Belittling of referees, coaches or players
  • Verbal abuse, threats or physical violence toward anyone before, during or after a game
  • Taunting of opposing players, coaches and parents

Sarnia FC require thorough self-restraint by all participants (Coaches, Parents and players).  Those who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct subject themselves to disciplinary action that may include suspensions or dismissal from the club. 


Player / Parent / Coach Code of Conduct Form 

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