I would like to provide feedback to the training which we have received to date. Our son Matthew is a very active, social and energetic 7 year old boy and this program was the first organized sports program that we decided to enroll him in. We were a little nervous as it seemed to be a competitive training program, but we enrolled Matthew anyway.
My husband and I have watched and been very engaged in the 1 hour sessions that you have provided. As a parent, I believe that in general, we as parents coddle our children and try to give them lots of self confidence to help them succeed and be confident people. Enrolling children in this sports training session has given our son a different and important aspect of real life and the importance of team work.
Matthew has very basic soccer skills, which are improving already, week by week, but more importantly, it is great to see him in an structured, nurturing environment where all children are treated as young adults, with high expectations placed on conduct and good sportsmanship. My husband and I agree that we appreciate the value of learning and training in an environment where the children are not coddled, but rather treated as serious young athletes with an equal goal in mind, to learn, train and develop fundamental soccer skills to be physically and mentally more competitive.
The hour in training (always a full hour), is a perfect balance of skill training, teamwork and the individualized training to allow each athlete to maximize their personal benefit from each session. I feel more then confident that my child has benefitted and will continue to benefit from this group training and we would recommend this to any parent, regardless of their child's skill level.
It is obvious that Jim and his training team take this very serious and put in their full, 100% effort into each session which provides more then just soccer skills to all the kids who participate. The kids are learning disciplined, serious and respectful real life skills, which will be used throughout their lives.
Thank-you Jim and training team for noticing and encouraging each individual player to achieve their full potential, not to be THE best, but to be THEIR best!!!!
It has been a great session so far and we look forward to future training sessions, for Matthew and hopefully his little sister at some point!



I had my son in other local programs and decided to try your program after hearing from a friend that they were impressed with the development of their child.  I too am happy with what I am seeing.  I think you offering a 1 hour training allows the kids the necessary time to develop their "on the balls skills".  Although "having fun" is the main goal when signing up a child for anything, structure and discipline are the things I also look for. My son is enjoying it and gaining confidence. 

Sarnia soccer never had this kind of training when I was growing up, I will continue to support whoever I feel gives my child what we are paying for.  I’m loyal to who doesn't take my money for granted.  




I was impressed by the pace of the sessions and the attention to detail that Jim and Gavin provide. While fun is stressed it is good to see that self discipline and listening skills are an integral part of the program. A very well run program. 



I have to say this is the best program I have seen in kind of taking child education and applying it to soccer. My son, Hayden, didn't want to play at first because he would get hurt by the ball (because he really didn't know "how to play" from the other camps he had attended). Now he is so excited to play because he is learning the skills. He plays with his friends at recess now instead of sitting out. It has been a tremendous confidence booster. I like that no kid gets left out in touching the ball. Fantastic approach! 

Paul, is great with with kids and it truly looks like all the kids are enjoying themselves. I never hear one complaint of too much running, even though they fall from exhaustion haha! Paul using familiar Angry Birds and sharks and minnows really engaged the kids. Involving the parents also gives the kids a confidence booster in beating "mommy and daddy". 

It's all been great! I am passing along great feedback to other friends interested in the sport. 



I would like to say that I do enjoy this program. Jim and his help make sure that each child gets a proper understanding of how to achieve each skill and they watch to make sure each child does the skill. The coaches treat each child with knowing that they have the ability to listen. They do their best to gain each others trust and if a child has an off day of not listening too well, I've seen them be more concerned of the child's success rather than discipline and the discipline they administer is to help the child's success. I'm very thankful and satisfied.




You are doing a great job Jim and you can tell the coach really enjoys it along with the kids.



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